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About Hypertension

Hypertension is a common chronic health problem affecting almost half of all adults in the United States. It develops without causing symptoms and increases your risk of heart attack or stroke. Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania specializes in diagnosing and treating hypertension. With 12 locations throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, including offices in Nuremberg, Sullivan Trail Falls, Freeland, Hazelton, Monroe Township, Wilkes-Barre, Shickshinny, and Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, the family medicine practice provides personalized care to the communities they serve. For hypertension care, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

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Hypertension Q & A

What is hypertension?

Hypertension means blood pressure against your vessel walls is consistently higher than normal. When you have your blood pressure taken, the numbers measure the pressure of blood against these walls when your heart beats and in between beats.

Over time, the excessive force damages the walls of your blood vessel, causing them to narrow and stiffen, affecting circulation. This change in circulation may damage other organs, such as your heart or kidneys.

Hypertension damages the body without causing symptoms. People with hypertension are at greater risk of heart attack or stroke and developing heart or kidney failure. 

What are the types of hypertension?

There are two types of hypertension: primary and secondary hypertension.

Primary hypertension

Primary hypertension is the most common type and has no single cause. However, your risk of developing primary hypertension increases as you get older. 

Poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, and use of tobacco products are also factors that increase your risk of having primary hypertension.

Secondary hypertension

Secondary hypertension develops from an underlying health condition such as kidney disease, diabetes, or sleep apnea. 

When should I have my blood pressure checked?

You should have your blood pressure checked at least once a year by your primary care provider at Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The health experts screen for hypertension at your annual physical.

If you have risk factors for hypertension, your provider may have you come in more often for blood pressure checks. They may also suggest you invest in a home blood pressure machine to check your numbers at home.

Your provider at Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania may diagnose you with hypertension if you have two higher than normal blood pressure readings at two separate office visits.

What types of treatments improve hypertension?

Your provider at Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania works closely with you to develop a plan for improving your hypertension. Treatments may focus on lifestyle changes such as:

  • Eating a heart-healthy diet
  • Getting regular physical activity
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management

If lifestyle changes fail to improve your blood pressure levels, your primary care provider may prescribe blood pressure medication. 

Get help for your hypertension from providers who put your health first. Call Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania or schedule an appointment online at the office nearest you today.