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Depression Screening

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About Depression Screening

Many people don't seek help for depression because they think it will improve or because feeling down makes it hard to reach out for help. The compassionate team at Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania offers depression screenings so that you can get the help you need. They have 12 offices in Nuremberg, Sullivan Trail Falls, Freeland, Hazleton, Monroe Township, Wilkes-Barre, Shickshinny, and Edwardsville, Pennsylvania. To schedule a depression screening, call the nearest office or book online today. 

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Depression Screening Q & A

When should I consider depression screening?

Many people ignore depression longer than they should because they believe they just have the blues. Though depression often feels like the blues, the two conditions represent different problems.

The blues arise for many reasons, often related to something going on in your life, but they don't last long. They go away on their own, and you feel better.

By comparison, depression is a mental health condition that often develops from an imbalance in brain chemicals. As a result, your depression will not improve without treatment. Unlike the blues, depression gets worse, affects the quality of your life, and may lead to suicide. 

Anyone who frequently feels depressed, has depression that lasts longer than two weeks, or starts to think about suicide should seek a screening at Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

What symptoms indicate I need depression screening?

If you're depressed, you may:

  • Feel sad, hopeless, and worthless
  • Lose interest in the people and activities you usually enjoy
  • Withdraw from your friends, partner, and family
  • Feel drained of energy
  • Eat more or less than normal
  • Gain or lose weight
  • Sleep more or less than usual
  • Can't concentrate
  • Find it hard to make decisions
  • Feel irritable, angry, and anxious
  • Focus on negative thoughts
  • May think about suicide

You don't need to have all these symptoms to be depressed, but most people have several at the same time. 

You may also have physical symptoms. Depression often causes headaches, stomachaches, and muscle and joint pain, to name a few.

What should I expect during a depression screening?

A screening shows if you have depression by going through a list of questions about your mood, feelings, thoughts, activities, and behaviors. Your provider may ask you the questions or complete a simple questionnaire and then talk with you about your answers.

Your provider also talks with you about your physical symptoms and overall health. Depression and illness share a close relationship. Depression increases your risk of getting sick, while chronic diseases commonly cause depression.

If you or your provider have concerns about your physical health, they also do a complete physical exam to rule out or find problems.

How is depression treated?

Treatment for depression includes counseling, antidepressant medications, or both. After your depression screening, your provider talks with you about your treatment options.

If you feel depressed, don't wait to schedule a screening. Call Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania or use the online booking feature today.