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Expert Care from Infancy through Adolescence

Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you and your children the best possible care. Our goal is state of the art, up to date pediatric care for your children, delivered in a compassionate and comforting environment. As a parent, you can be confident that our health care team will be here for you and your child from birth to college, to guide you as they grow, in states of wellness and in times of illness.

Valley Pediatrics is your comprehensive center for well and sick child care, immunizations, consultations and allergy shots.

Children and adolescents have special needs, both medical and emotional, that are very different from those of an adult. Pediatricians are trained to manage and prevent health problems in children from infancy through high school. Pediatric training or residency requires three or more years of specialized education after medical school.

We are here to provide care for newborns, infants, and children through 18 years of age. Our interaction with families takes the pediatrician through all stages of the child’s life and development. We are there to advise families every step of the way.

Valley Pediatrics

75 S Wyoming Avenue
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Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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Pediatric Visits

We recommend regularly scheduled well-child visits during which we monitor growth and development, ensure complete immunization and encourage preventive health measures. Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. Pediatric well-child visits are most frequent when the child’s development is most rapid. Each visit includes a complete physical examination. This will assess the infant or young child’s growth and development and help identify problems early. Height, weight, and other important information is recorded and considered. Hearing, vision, and other tests will be a part of some visits. Such preventive care is important for raising healthy children. Well-child visits are also key times for communication. Expect to be given information about normal development, nutrition, sleep, safety, infectious diseases that are “going around,” and other important topics for parents. Make the most of these visits by writing down your most important questions and concerns to bring with you.

Payment Options

Cash, sliding fee visits, co-pays and deductibles are due in full at the time of service.  We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards.

We also accept

PA Medical Assistance
Chip Programs
Most Commercial Insurances

We have a Sliding Fee Program based on income and family size.

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